About Us

Malran Decorative Coating’s (M) Sdn Bhd also known as Malran Trading started operations in January 1989. Beginning with general painting and then moving on to multicolor textured spraypaint. As the demand for special paints increased, Malran then ventured into special paint finishes, importing the products from Italy and the US to maintain the originality. Trained by our principals from Italy and the US, we have specialized in more than 50 finishes ranging from rag finishes,hard plaster , stucco, faux marbling and gilding works.

Being a pioneer in this industry, we have worked with many designers, architects and end users to produce the desired finishes. We have a team of artists that special in creating samples and designs to suit all needs and wants.

Being involved in many of major projects in Malaysia that includes hotel s, palaces, buildings, condominium and many others, our vast experience has proven valuable in the sense that we complement the designer / clients needs with our ability to create special finishes as per their needs.

Transformations from the mind to the wall with beauty, elegance and sophistication is made ever easy due to our in depth knowledge of the products and experience in using them in many projects.

As all of our products are imported from major suppliers in Italy, Germany and the US, these product s are environmental friendly that bring life and color and character and beauty to and otherwise dull and plain wall.

Our Awards